Inclusive Software Training

What is Inclusive Assistive Technology (IAT)? and what do we do to help your organisation?


To include individuals with disabilities within the education or working environment.


To assist individuals by supporting their disability throughout their eductional career or in the working enviroment.


Applying technology and technological training to support the individuals in education or working enviroment.

How do we help:

Our business model offers adaptive business solutions for your organisation. We have a team of consultants that construct a working Inclusive Assistive Technological (IAT) and Assistive Human Support (AHS) solution around your organisations needs.

We offer business modelling for eduactional institutes (primary schools, secondary schools, university's) profit and non-profit organisations, individual users (students, end users) and Disabled Student Allowance (DSA).

A typical example of an IAT and AHS business modelling solution that we may apply to your organiastion.

1. Consultant meetings to establish needs.
2. Proposal plan issued.
3. Establish grant or government funding where relevant.
4. Implement Inclusive Assistive Technology (IAT)
5. Implement training sessions on Inclusive Assistive Technology (IAT)
6. Organise and implement Assistive Human Support (AHS) managed through online systems.

For more infomation or to book an appointment please email us at or call use on 0808 2889794


Our aim is to empower the user by training them on how the software can help them achieve their goals.

We ensure that all our trainers hold certification by the manufactures, were available and that in many cases they also have many years of experience in the disability field.