With technology changing all the time, whether that be hardware in terms of laptops, mice or portable devices or software in the form of cloud based services, there is so much to be aware of and as with all things in life just not enough time In the working day.

InclusivesAT’s philosophy is to pass on all that information to those who need to know. We aim to work with SENCO’s in terms of empowering them with the knowledge of what is available and how it can assist them in the support they and the school offer to those pupils with SEN requirements.

It may be a text to speech solution to help an individual or it may be a voice recognition solution for everyone to access, either way InclusiveAT will aim to assist by means of advice and demonstrate what is available.

For more information on how are services can assist you and your pupils then get in contact via the contact us page and we will get straight back to you.